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Special Issue

Live Well With Diabetes Welcome to this special issue dedicated to Live Well with Diabetes. Live Well with Diabetes is an educational initiative of the B.C. Endocrine Research Foundation that is intended to provide clear up-to-date information on all aspects of diabetes self-management. It is our belief that the better informed an individual with diabetes […]

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Diabetes Research

There is a large amount of research being conducted with respect to type 2 diabetes. Some of it is focused on key aspects of the cause of diabetes while other research is geared towards determining what is the best therapeutic approach for managing diabetes and reducing heart attacks and strokes as well as the long-term […]

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Diabetes Healthcare Team

Because your total care is a complicated process, it is important that you take the time to learn as much as possible about diabetes management and be sure to take full advantage of the entire healthcare team that is available to help you manage your diabetes. The whole healthcare team includes: Your doctor. It is […]

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Diabetes — Frequently Asked Questions

Is There a Cure? At this point in time there is no cure for diabetes. What we can do is manage diabetes effectively and there has never been better tools available for this purpose than there is today. There is excellent guidance for diet and physical activity as well a wide range of medications, when […]

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Diabetes Complications

Diabetes is often present for a number of years before it is diagnosed. During this time there is the potential for the progression of complications associated with diabetes. That is why it is so important that you immediately take action once you are diagnosed with diabetes. The best way to avoid or halt the progression […]

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Question and Answer – with Dr. Jerilynn Prior

Question: My sister is 50 yrs. old and had a total hysterectomy, including oophorectomy, about 2 years ago. She was put on estrogen therapy (not sure of name, but was on 9 mg. per day). Her dose has recently been decreased to 3 mg. per day because she was forgetting to take her med half […]

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Menopausal Women’s Hard Decisions

Many menopausal women have abruptly stopped HRT for fear of the heart attacks, strokes, blood clots and breast cancer after publication of the large US Women’s Health Initiative Study. Now many women wake sweating, night after night, and are exhausted, and many more are worried, angry or confused. The purpose of this short piece is […]

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Genetically Modified Foods

Food For Thought I have received several requests for information regarding genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Given the previous issue’s Evolution of Diet article it seemed appropriate to follow with a brief comment on GMOs since these impact our food choices, food quality and the health and future of our children and the planet. For this […]

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What if anything do Paleolithic diets teach us?

Robert Atkins (1930-2003) MD Founder of the Atkins Center for Complementary Medicine What we learn from our early ancestors’ eating habits are the myriad ways that one can eat and be healthy. Unlike the conventional nutrition community attempting to force everyone into a one-diet-fits-all mindset, our Paleolithic ancestors discovered that they needed to be flexible […]

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The Evolution of Our Diet

The food business is a strange blend of commerce, fads, media hype, multinationals, advertising, book publishing, research articles, supplements.. the list goes on. While I admit that some of these people have the best interests of your health at heart, many if not most, are in it for the buck. You could be buying a […]

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