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The Breast Health Program at Children’s and Women’s Health Center of B.C.

The Breast Health Program , which opened in January 1997, provides a range of information and diagnostic services to women with the aim of promoting breast health. The Program, located in the Women’s Health Centre at C&W consists of 3 components. 1. A Breast Assessment and Diagnostic Service (operated in partnership with the BC Cancer […]

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Consider Raloxifene

Menopausal women with risks for osteoporosis or fracture now have several new therapies. These new options include nasal spray calcitonin (called Miacalcin) approved to treat osteoporosis in the U.S.A. and Canada, risedronate (called Actonel) which will soon be available for osteoporosis prevention, and raloxifene (brand name Evista) which is approved in Canada for prevention of […]

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Congratulations to Dr. Keith Dawson

Last October Dr. Keith Dawson received two of Canada’s most prestigious medical citations. The first was the Gerald S. Wong Award earned for his exceptional efforts in assisting individuals with diabetes. The second was the Distinguished Service Award. He was chosen by his peers to receive this award for his contributions to the field of […]

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An Introduction to Thyroid Disease

Hypderthyroidism Overactivity of the thyroid gland is called hyperthyroidism or thyrotoxicosis. Individuals with this condition may experience a number of symptoms including fatigue, weight loss, tremor, palpitation, sweating, heat intolerance, itch, frequent bowel movements, disturbance of menstrual function, weakness, skin rash or eye symptoms such as pressure, or double vision. There are two common blood […]

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From the Editor

This issue, the Winter Solstice, completes all four wonderful turning points in the annual cycle. Unfortunately the winter rains are not finished with us yet, so be patient, be well, and find time to read and share this issue of our Quarterly Newsletter. The cover article on raloxifene by Dr. Jerilynn Prior presents a very […]

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