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Young Women and Osteoporosis

Research Volunteers If you are: a women under 50 years old have not yet reached menopause and recently learned that your bone density is low We would like to hear your story. We are looking for women to be confidentially interviewed about their experiences of having low bone density. Young Osteoporosis Women (Y.O.W.) Y.O.W. is […]

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Diabetes Symposium Summary Presents Anne Fiddick

Chair of the Public Advisory Council As Chair of the Public Advisory Council for the BC Endocrine Research Foundation I am proud of this, our first major educational public forum. The Diabetes Symposium, the ensuing video and the already successful “The Puzzle of Perimenopause” video produced by Dr. Jerilynn Prior admirably serve the BCERF educational […]

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Can Stress / Worry About Food Intake and Dieting Behaviour Influence Bone Mass and Increase Fracture Risk?

Introduction As a society we have become more aware of the implications of our food choices with regards to our general health. We are taught by media and health professionals to think before we eat and to make “healthy food choices”. In many ways, watching what we eat has become an important step in achieving […]

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An Introduction to Bone

Introduction Bones are truly amazing. A unique combination of flexible collagen and brittle calcium phosphate makes them incredibly strong and durable. Part of the durability has to do with the fact that our bones are under constant maintenance, being partially broken down and rebuilt on a daily basis. Special bone cells called osteoblasts take calcium […]

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From the Editor

This is definitely the time of year when we all, at one time or another, get a chill in our bones, so it would seem appropriate to have a special issue dedicated to those bones, young and old, chilled, aching or toasty warm. It is extremely important to be aware of the foods that we […]

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