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Upcoming Symposium

The BC Endocrine Research Foundation presents a Fall Symposium: What’s New In Midlife Womens’ Health Presentations Dr. Diane Finegood will discuss changes in metabolism associated with midife transitions Dr. Jerilynn Prior will speak about what is new in our understanding of Perimenpause Yet to be determined 3rd speaker. Panel Discussion Questions and Answers Sunday, November […]

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Small Blessings

We can be thankful for having a healthy and happy son. We are thankful that he can grow up to live a normal life and pursue any dreams or professional goals he may have. We are thankful that people can live an almost “normal” life with insulin dependent diabetes. Nicholas has had diabetes since age […]

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Shoppers Walk For the Cure

More than 3000 walkers laced up their sneakers for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation’s 7th annual Shoppers Walk for the Cure on Sunday May 27, 2001. A host of corporations and family teams participated in the 5 km nature trail walk to raise funds to find a cure for diabetes and its complications. Last year […]

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N O O D L E S ! Yum m m . . .

Carole Sine’s Foods Class from Gold River Secondary School These girls made a noodle 20 odd feet long and had some laughs doing it. Here is the recipe copied more or less literally. Ingredients: 1 egg pinch of salt water to make a dough 1 cup flour Knead it and then put it through the […]

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Mazes and Puzzles


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Hayley’s Letter

Hi, I’m Hayley. I’m almost 9. I’ve had diabetes for almost all my life. I got diagnosed with diabetes when I was 14 months. I’ve had many highs and many lows. Once I passed out on the risers in my choir practice. I didn’t know I was low until it was too late. When my […]

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Children and Endocrinology

Pediatric endocrinology is the subspecialty of pediatrics that deal with hormone-related conditions and diseases in infants, children and adolescents. Adults are often surprised to learn that children can have endocrine disorders, thinking that hormone problems are restricted to moody teens and adults with fatigue. In fact, children are subject to a number of hormone-related conditions […]

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A Family’s Story

Heather and Steve Frishling Never did we imagine, when our daughter was born in 1992 that we would be out canvassing for money to help find a cure for diabetes. She was such a healthy baby, but she did go through a short period of time, just before her diagnosis of diabetes, when she wasn’t. […]

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From the Guest Editor

It is important to eat healthy foods to keep your body healthy. There are many diseases that involve the endocrine system, affecting children. I have a friend who has a disease. It is important to know information so I can be a good friend. I hope you enjoy learning from this issue and have fun […]

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From the Editor

It was quite easy getting into the spirit of this issue being a big kid at heart. It was a lot of fun, from recipes to puzzles and even computer lessons from our guest editor. Thanks Alex. Alex summed it up so well; we can be much better friends when we take the time to […]

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