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What is Known: Extended Schedule Oral Contraceptives

Introduction The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved a drug called Seasonale® on September 5, 2003. Media coverage before approval was already significant, and is expected to increase over the next few months. Seasonale® is a repackaging of oral contraceptive pills in a new schedule: 84 days of active pills and a seven day […]

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Wanted: Women Past Menopause to Evaluate Progresterone Therapy for Hot Flushes

We are looking for women to participate in a 4 month research study on hot flushes and blood vessel function. We are comparing natural progesterone (Prometrium®) with a placebo (dummy pill). You will keep a daily record of hot flushes during these four months. The study includes four office visits, with two assessments of your […]

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Fluid Retention During the Menstrual Cycle

Introduction I recently received a scholarship from The BC Endocrine Research Foundation (BCERF( to work as a student intern. I just graduated from Memorial University of Newfoundland and this was an excellent opportunity for me to get some research experience before I started medical school in September. I spent six weeks working with the Centre […]

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From the Editor

Welcome to another issue of the BC Endocrine Research Foundation’s Quarterly Newsletter. With the upcoming women’s health symposium the focus of this issue is women’s health. Leading off Dr. Chris Hitchcock provides some much needed balance to the discussion of the recently released extended cycle oral contraceptive. Media hype has been prolific yet little mention […]

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