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Supporting Innovation in Diabetes Care

The BC Diabetes Foundation’s charitable status is built on 3 activities: the Alleviation of Poverty, Education and Research.

Alleviation of Poverty should not be necessary in British Columbia, one of the richest provinces in a rich country.  However, living with diabetes is expensive. British Columbia’s Pharmacare program, though much improved in recent years under Minister Adrian Dix’s oversight, imposes a heavy deductible before any reimbursement for life-saving therapies.  For more on the BC Pharmacare deductible see this petition asking that the deductible be abolished now with almost 25,000 signatures.  The BCDF is alleviating poverty through its Pharmacare deductible granting program.  To qualify for a grant you must have Type 1 diabetes, a family income < $85,000 and not have access to third party insurance.  Click this link to complete the necessary application form.

Education is essential to achieving optimal control of diabetes.  The BC Diabetes Foundation maintains this handout section so that the public has ready access to crucial information.

Research: the foundation is accepting grant applications for up to $25,000. Click here for an application form.

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