Volume 1, Number 1: Spring Equinox, 1999

From the Editor - BC Diabetes Foundation

Dr. Eric Norman PHD

Welcome to the first edition of The Quarterly Newsletter. It is certainly a varied and interesting path that has led me to this point in my life and the opportunity to be editor of the BC Endocrine Research Foundation’s newsletter.

Up until recently the majority of my 14 years of research experience revolved around plants, investigations of photorespiratory carbon metabolism and plant/pathogen interactions. Approximately three years ago Dr. Elliott took me on as a research scientist investigating the lining of blood vessels in individuals with late-onset diabetes. This was my initiation into medical research where I was glad to find that most of the principals of biochemistry and metabolic processes from plants were still applicable. Shortly thereafter I began work on a project looking at the response of blood vessels to short-term hormone infusions and hormone therapy. This latter project was unfunded and attempts to obtain funding through the peer review process were unsuccessful. In an effort to fund this project and other projects like this, Dr. Elliott and I formed the BC Endocrine Research Foundation, a non-profit society aimed at funding research and education in endocrine related fields. Now, just a little more than one year after being officially incorporated we are ready to publish the first edition of The Quarterly Newsletter.

The Newsletter is intended for the general public as well as the medical community and will be widely circulated. Our intention is to cover a number of different topics in endocrine related fields, providing a range of viewpoints. Keith Dawson has provided an excellent article on diabtetes treatment focussing on reducing longterm complications. Dr. Dawson has been involved in diabetes care for 35 years and shares his insights regarding implementing the new guidelines.

Jerilynn Prior provides her perspective on the physiological and emotional responses to hormone dynamics that occur during perimenopause. Dr. Prior’s article is an example of how there are many answers already in the scientific literature which are simply overlooked. Often it is a matter of what you’re looking for.

I also have the opportunity to share my love of creative cooking and baking, combined with a passion for sound nutrition. This regular column will provide detailed discussions of the nutritive value of certain foods, especially in the context of making creative substitutions when trying to follow recipes. This issue I expound on the virtues of seeds and nuts.

The Newsletter will also contain reviews of high profile publications. Scientific breakthroughs can make great headlines in the media yet a thorough balanced discussion is rarely provided. We will also keep you apprised of BC Endocrine Research Foundations activities with regular updates on research and education projects. Your letters are appreciated and article submissions are welcome.

I hope you enjoy this issue and I look forward to doing it all again in three months.

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