Volume 1, Number 2: Summer Solstice, 1999

From the Editor - BC Diabetes Foundation

Dr. Eric Norman PHD

Welcome to the second issue of the Quarterly Newsletter from the BC Endocrine Research Foundation. I am especially excited about our Summer Solstice issue as two of the articles make it clear that endocrine related research and health issues apply to people of all ages.

Heather McKay’s article provides valuable insight into the role of exercise in the adolescent years on development of peak bone mass. She discusses how this could be a key issue in terms of optimal bone health in the adult years. We are reminded of how important it is to assess the activities of our children and make sure they are getting proper exercise and a healthy diet. Dr. McKay has provided a wealth of references for those interested in pursuing the topic further.

Sandra Sirrs introduces us to the little known and poorly understood world of inborn errors of metabolism, genetic conditions which prevent cells from performing basic functions. Children and Diseases Clinic at Vancouver Hospital and Health Sciences Centre and is excited about the service she and her staff are able to provide to people who previously may not have had the specialized help they needed. The clinic is the first of its kind in North America and will certainly prove to be exciting from a treatment, education and research perspective.

Tom Elliott has provided us with some background on type 2 diabetes and an explanation of the different hyperglycemic medications that are available to treat individuals with late onset diabetes. Eliminating the mystery helps patients understand how the medication works in their bodies which can lead to more effective use of medications. It will also empower them to ask questions of their doctor if they don’t feel a certain approach is working.

Limited space did not permit the Food For Thought column this issue but I look forward to continuing my discussions of dietary fat in the next issue.

The first issue was well received and I hope you find this issue to be just as interesting. If you wish to obtain the previous issue please let us know by phone or mail and feel free to send any comments or suggestions for the Newsletter my way.

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