Volume 3, Number 4: Winter Solstice, 2001

From the Editor - BC Diabetes Foundation

Dr. Eric Norman PHD

Welcome to this issue of the Quarterly Newsletter. As usual we’re a little behind the seasons but apparently so is the weather.

The Islet Cell Transplant Program is gearing up at Vancouver Hospital with the assistance of the BC Endocrine Research Foundation. The program which is described in detail in this issue will be conducted as a research study investigating whether having an islet cell transplant results in improved health/quality of life when compared to conventional non-surgical diabetes care.

The results of the large Heart Protection Study were released last fall and demonstrated the benefits of cholesterol lowering therapy using a statin. Now we should consider how this information can be incorporated into our approach to health and wellness, as an individual and as a society.

Enjoy this issue and feel free to check out our website and contact us if there is something you would like to see on the website that isn’t there.

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