Volume 4, Number 3: Fall Equinox, 2002

Nuts About Nutrition - BC Diabetes Foundation

Dr. Eric Norman PHD

Yes I’m ranting again. Nuts and seeds continue to get a bad rap because of their fat content but consider this. Nuts and seeds contain precious oils/fats that are essential to your health. These omega-3 and -6 oils provide your body with the building blocks for tissue repair and maintenance. Furthermore, if your taking a snack and it’s loaded with carbohydrate (carbs) the best thing you can do is cut the carbs in half and substitute a healthy handful of mixed nuts. The ones I would suggest would be sunflower, pumpkin, almond and sesame. If you want to liven them up just give them a quick toast in a no-stick frying pan (don’t add oil) with constant shaking. This really brings out the natural flavors and the aroma is heavenly.

A Two-fold Benefit: By reducing the carbs in your snack you lower the total carb content (hence blood sugar rise) and the fat in the nuts reduces the glycemic index of the total snack since it slows the digestion of the carbs.

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