Volume 2, Number 2: Summer Solstice, 2000

From the Editor - BC Diabetes Foundation

Dr. Eric Norman PHD

Welcome to the Summer Solstice issue of the Quarterly Newsletter. I thought that if I delayed publishing this issue long enough summer would actually arrive. I can wait no longer, so here it is.

Dr. Jerilynn Prior has taken time from her busy research and teaching schedule to provide us with another excellent article. In this issue Dr. Prior discusses the book “Is Menstruation Obsolete?” (Countinho and Segal, 1999) and provides us with some insight into menstruation, why it occurs and the dangers surrounding the three month Pill that is now being promoted.

I remember reading the April 8, 2000 Globe and Mail article titled “Bare Facts About the Pill” that Dr. Prior refers to in her article. Their one-sided presentation of “facts” about the Pill read more like an info-mercial telling us how unnecessary menstruation is and the benefits of a three month Pill. Dr. Prior provides us with her view.

The cholesterol story continues in this issue as we address lifestyle modifications as a way of lowering your plasma lipids and improving your health. Changing the way you think about diet and exercise may very well be the most important thing you can do for yourself.

I hope you enjoy this issue of the Quarterly Newsletter. Next issue we will look at a survey of British Columbians designed to gain insight into the publics’ perception of diabetes. We will also explore more ways to lower you cholesterol. Until then, have a pleasant summer.

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