Volume 2, Number 4: Winter Solstice, 2000

From the Editor - BC Diabetes Foundation

Dr. Eric Norman PHD

This is definitely the time of year when we all, at one time or another, get a chill in our bones, so it would seem appropriate to have a special issue dedicated to those bones, young and old, chilled, aching or toasty warm.

It is extremely important to be aware of the foods that we are putting into our bodies since we all know they can be a major determinant of health. However, if we cross a line and start to obsess, worry and get stressed over the food we are or are not putting into our bodies we can do more damage than good. Dr. Moira Petit and Dr. Jerilynn Prior address this topic with some recent research findings in the lead-off article.

Many think of the bones as a rigid static structure but the truth is, as you will find out in this issue, your bones are very much alive, always changing and constantly responding to the demands of the rest of the body. I have taken this opportunity to provide an article on the basics of bones and what makes them happy.Some of you may find it useful to review this article before you read the stress/worry bone article.

Anne Fiddick, chair of our public Advisory Council has provided us with a brief review of the First Annual Diabetes Symposium. I would like to extend my thanks to all those who came out to enjoy the symposium as well as those who volunteered their time to make it such a success.

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