Volume 3, Number 1: Spring Equinox, 2001 - Special Children's Issue

Hayley's Letter - BC Diabetes Foundation

Hayley Frishling


I’m Hayley. I’m almost 9. I’ve had diabetes for almost all my life. I got diagnosed with diabetes when I was 14 months. I’ve had many highs and many lows. Once I passed out on the risers in my choir practice. I didn’t know I was low until it was too late. When my blood sugars are high, I feel really thirsty, my stomach hurts and I feel cranky. When my blood sugars are low, I feel blurry, dizzy, tired, weak and cranky. Then I have to have juice whether I want to or not. That’s why there is a walk every year to raise money for diabetes to help find a cure so I won’t feel those bad feelings anymore.

Do your friends sometimes say “that was a good jump for a diabetic!” or do they ask, “is diabetes contagious?”. Well let me tell you something: IT IS NOT CONTAGIOUS AND BEING DIABETIC HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH IT!

Did you hear about the insulin pump? Well I can tell you the best thing about it is it’s the second best thing to finding a cure for diabetes. Do you know that I used to have 100 shots of insulin a year and 1900 finger pokesa year? I just started on the Minimed pump and I feel great! I still need to do lots of finger pokes, but I don’t have to get 3 or 4 shots a day that I hated! Now, my blood sugars are perfect! My blood sugars are between 4 & 7.

I am used to diabetes but I don’t like it at all. Why do I have to be diabetic? Why can’t I just be like all of my other friends? I can’t enjoy my Halloween candy. I can’t go to other peoples’ houses for sleepovers. What’s your biggest wish in the whole entire universe? Well I can tell you mine. My wish is getting rid of my diabetes. You probably knew that was going to be my wish. Some people say “is insulin a cure?” Well to answer your question NO – INSULIN IS NOT A CURE. The only thing I want to know is “why can’t I be a normal kid?”

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