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Ovulatory Menstrual Cycles are Not a Problem

Go With the Flow! As a reproductive endocrinologist and feminist scientist studying women’s health, I am not surprised at the current hype that women needn’t suffer periods. Instead, take a birth control pill every day. Women of my, and subsequent, generations have been in love with the potential to control fertility. As Alice Rossi wrote, […]

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Cholesterol PART II

Improving Plasma Lipid Levels Lifestyle Modifications ELEVATED PLASMA LIPID LEVELS In Part I of this article you were introduced to a variety of blood plasma lipids, including cholesterol. We discussed what these plasma lipids were and how to determine whether your plasma lipid levels represent a risk for heart disease. If your blood test shows […]

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From the Editor

Welcome to the Summer Solstice issue of the Quarterly Newsletter. I thought that if I delayed publishing this issue long enough summer would actually arrive. I can wait no longer, so here it is. Dr. Jerilynn Prior has taken time from her busy research and teaching schedule to provide us with another excellent article. In […]

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