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The Islet Cell Transplant Program

How does our body normally maintain proper glucose homeostasis? The body maintains proper glucose homeostasis by using insulin to keep the blood sugar at a constant level. Insulin works by signaling the uptake of glucose into the cells of the body. Without insulin, proper glucose control cannot be achieved. Insulin is manufactured in the islet […]

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The Benefits of Cholesterol Lowering: Reviewing the Heart Protection Study

The Study The results of the Heart Protection Study were announced in November at the American Heart Association conference. This study was conducted in Britain and involved randomizing 20,500 volunteers, at high-risk for heart disease, to either 40 mg Zocor (a statin – one type of cholesterol lowering medication) or a placebo. They were then […]

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From the Editor

Welcome to this issue of the Quarterly Newsletter. As usual we’re a little behind the seasons but apparently so is the weather. The Islet Cell Transplant Program is gearing up at Vancouver Hospital with the assistance of the BC Endocrine Research Foundation. The program which is described in detail in this issue will be conducted […]

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