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Question and Answer – with Dr. Jerilynn Prior

Question: My sister is 50 yrs. old and had a total hysterectomy, including oophorectomy, about 2 years ago. She was put on estrogen therapy (not sure of name, but was on 9 mg. per day). Her dose has recently been decreased to 3 mg. per day because she was forgetting to take her med half […]

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Menopausal Women’s Hard Decisions

Many menopausal women have abruptly stopped HRT for fear of the heart attacks, strokes, blood clots and breast cancer after publication of the large US Women’s Health Initiative Study. Now many women wake sweating, night after night, and are exhausted, and many more are worried, angry or confused. The purpose of this short piece is […]

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Genetically Modified Foods

Food For Thought I have received several requests for information regarding genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Given the previous issue’s Evolution of Diet article it seemed appropriate to follow with a brief comment on GMOs since these impact our food choices, food quality and the health and future of our children and the planet. For this […]

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